MJ Screen Recorder With Audio & FaceCam

MJ Screen Recorder with Audio is the best app for recording a screen with a Facecam and audio on an Android phone.

MJ Screen recorder With Audio & Facecam

There is no better app for screen recording than the MJ Screen recorder With Audio & Facecam! We'll discuss one of the better options in this blog post and how they could help you record screen activity. Screen Recorder With Facecam Applications makes sharing screen recordings easy. MJ Screen recording app is a great way to share recordings with others.

You can capture videos using the Screen Recorder With Facecam App and then share them. You can record your screen with the free Android Screen Recorder App. While adding your Facecam and backcam to produce professional-looking videos. The MJ Screen recorder can be a useful app for you, whether you're a blogger, gamer, or company owner.

MJ Screen Recorder With Audio And Facecam

How does Facecam Recorder work?

Thousands of people upload videos to YouTube with their faces. You can show Your Facecam anywhere on the mobile screen by using Screen Recorder. Have you ever considered what they're doing?

People used to record their Mobile screens and Facecam separately. And then mix the recorded videos using video editing software. To include a face in a video that is difficult to understand and use. Because of the rapid advancement of technology. But, you no longer need to link videos using video editing software. Install MJ Screen Recorder With Facecam App from Playstore, and record your Mobile screen. And publish the facecam recordings on YouTube or any other social media.

Screen recorder with Facecam

App Function

Here is an overview of the latest features that the MJ Screen Recorder With Audio provides to its users. The Android screen recorder has user-friendly features. Below is a list of the functions and how to integrate them into your workflow.

• Screen Recorder

• Screen Recorder with Facecam

• Screen Recorder with Backcam

• Screen Recorder with Mic

• Screen Recorder with internal sound

• Screen Recorder without Audio

• Screen Recorder without Watermark

• Use Floating Control

• Save Videos In GIF

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is the primary function of this App used to record mobile screens. While playing games, blogging, and doing any activity. Users can record video while turning On Camera Mode Front or Back. 

 Record as much video as you like.

 You can record the audio while you're recording on the screen.

Screen Recorder with Facecam

Screen Recorder with Facecam simplifies the process. While Recording, record yourself on your screen. With the ability to record both your screen and your facecam. There is no more straightforward way to record yourself. During online meetings or live streams. And various other events involving your camera and mobile screen.

 If you're on a video call with someone, it's a good idea to record the call so you can view it later.

 Playing video games, you should use a Screen recorder with Facecam to capture your games. 

 Trim the beginning and end to remove any unnecessary information. When selecting a Screenrecorder, the quality of the recording is important. Screen recorder with Facecam is recording a video with good and High Quality.

MJ Screen Recorder with Facecam and backcam

Screen recorder with backcam

The Facecam recorder with audio App includes several features. That will help to meet what you want, such as a screen recorder with a backcam. You can record your screen videos as well with back cam instead of facecam.

Screen Recorder with Audio

The Screen Recorder with the audio is the MJ screen recorder app's best function. It is simple to incorporate mobile screen recordings into your workflow. You may communicate with your team by recording and sharing your phone screen with audio. Make short videos with audio to express your opinions. Or to provide feedback on work initiatives.


Screen Recorder with Audio

Types Of Audio Recording with MJ Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder with Mic

In Facecam Recorder with Audio, Users can Record Audio with Mic.

Audio Recording - The recording will include audio from your phone's microphone.

Screen Recorder with Internal Audio

Screen Recorder with Internal Audio is the best way to record a mobile screen with internal audio. You can record internal audio of yourself playing games and watching YouTube videos while you are doing so.

Screen recorder without audio

You can Record Screen with Screen Recorder With Facecam without Audio. If you do not want to include audio in your screen recording, You can disable the audio section.

Screen Recorder without Watermark

Screen Recorder with Facecam is the best screen recording app that records your videos without any watermark. It is simple to share your screen recording with others.

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Is it Free or Paid?

Screen Recorder is a free Android Mobile screen recording with facecam app. It enables you to record your screen using Facecam. Also, once videos have been recorded, they can be edited. You can save your recorded video in a variety of high-quality resolution formats.

Who can download this App?

Anyone Can download this App for their user. Students can create and submit video assignments to their teachers. YouTubers, bloggers, and Gamers can use it for their workflow. It is available for ‌offices, schools, or university use. All students and working people are advised to download this App.


  Move the Facecam to the desired location by dragging it.

  Trimming can help you improve your videos.

  Manage and distribute screen recording videos.

You can Record Screen For:




Screen recorder for youtuber and gameplay

Floating control

You can control floating icon size from 25 dp to 200dp. You can position the floating icon on the screen wherever you want.

Save videos in GIF

In Screen Recorder With Facecam Users can save videos in GIF form. The Screen Recorder with Facecam makes it simple to save a video as a GIF. Simply finish your screen recording, make any necessary adjustments, and save your new GIF to your device.


You can capture, Trip, and share screen recordings with the Screen Recorder. Users who have Front or Back Camera Mode selected can capture face video. Self-screen recordings are simple to do with Screen Recorder with Facecam.

It is easy to use and has several practical features, including the following:

Capacity to pause

Resume recording

Record audio.

The screen recorder on Android is an incredible feature for recording your screen with the back camera. Mobile screen recordings are easy to integrate into your workflow. It's simple for students to make videos for assignments. Bloggers, gamers, and YouTubers may all utilize it with ease.

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