Logo Design

Professional Logo Design- Make A Mesmerizing First Impression 

Setting the right foundation is crucial for your brand. Make a memorable impression on your clients with our outstanding logos.

People judge the quality of your business through its visual elements. That is why the matter of a modern logo design should not be taken lightly. With App Dev Zone’s highly creative designers, you will get a unique logo that fits perfectly with your business. We shape your brand identity. 

Our clientele extends across all industries around the world. Unlike the other companies, we don’t use any shortcuts- all designs are created from scratch. 

Our Custom Logo Design Strategy

Our designers go through a meticulous logo creation process to deliver excellence. We make logos that connect with your clients. The creation of business personas happens step by step, let us go through our process:

  • Evaluation and discovery
  • Industry research
  • Revision 
  • Final product

With experience in countless logo designs in California USA, Australia, and throughout the globe, our company makes logos for all new and emerging companies.

In the first stage, our team analyses your brand and its goals. We make sure that the visual representation we give through the logo matches your brand’s voice. Here is what we look into:

  • Target audience
  • Brand values and ethics
  • Mission

At this stage, our designers communicate with you thoroughly so that the final message showcases your business in the best light. We collaborate with the brand to get the best results.

Next comes the time to formulate a plan with the help of research. Looking at your competition is necessary to make a logo that stands out from the crowd. We add the spark that your competition lacks with our creative minds. 


  • Research ideas (shapes, colors) that work for your industry 
  • Observe oversaturated ideas
  • Get inspiration for your logo idea

Those looking for perfection in the modern logo designs in Perth will be delighted to know that our expert designers consider multiple concepts. Top unique logo ideas from their astoundingly creative minds are shared with you. 

We consider your feedback and add changes to our ideas if need be. Our team creates everything in front of your eyes- we believe in transparency.

What Goes Into Our Modern Logo Designs in Australia?

There is immense power in simplicity if you use your tools right. If you can convey the message in a single image, your identity will be rock-solid. Our exceptional designers give a wow factor to your logos. 


There is symbolism in every visual detail that often goes unnoticed. The angles, shapes, and sizes are tools to signify more than meets the eye. Soft curves show femininity while sharper angles are more masculine. 

Symmetry is used to visualize harmony and balance. Every component of the logo needs to complement each other. This is where our designers’ mastery truly shines through!


Our specialists use color theory knowledge for your logos to get positive reactions. Each color creates different psychological reactions. Our minds are great at judging and associating colors with different characteristics. Blue is a calming color, while red pops out and grabs attention. 

Rest assured that our experts make the right decisions for guaranteed results. 

Types OF Logos We Have Made

You can search for logo design near me and we have all kinds of logos that you need. Our designers have created numerous logos:

  • Illustrative                                                       
  • Abstract 
  • Animated 
  • Interior design logo
  • Word mark 
  • Pictorial
  • Emblem

Our work spans all industries as we work globally and take all clients. Our goal is to provide as much value to your company as possible. It is an investment that will benefit you in the long run because of the brand identity that it builds. 

We have made logos for companies ranging from construction to entertainment. It has always turned out a success. 

Why Choose App Dev Zone?

Trusting the company that represents your brand to the world is necessary. There is no chance to make a second impression when it comes to your visibility to your clients. We approach the work with incredible responsibility and have a track record of satisfied clientele all over the world. Get your modern logo design anywhere in the world and see instant change. 


We kill 2 birds with one stone- by providing affordable and budget-friendly logo designs in Sydney. Get the best logos according to your pocket. 


Our efficient designers make world-class logos in a day, this is what makes us the more effective logo design company in USA. 

100% Satisfaction 

We don't cease to work unless you are fully satisfied with the result. Our workers go above and beyond to ensure that. 

24/7 Customer Support

We collaborate with our clients to give the best logo solutions. We solve all your concerns with the help of our undying support. 

Invest in Your Visual Presence 

Call us to get a team that is truly invested in your business. Make your voice heard by the public.