MJ PDF Editor Text to PDF

Now editing the PDF files is easy with our MJ PDF editor Text to PDF. You can easily edit your file Format. We offer the best PDF Editor that makes your work easy, and you don't need more time to edit any of your PDF files.

MJ PDF Editor Text to PDF

Now editing the PDF files is easy with our MJ PDF editor Text to PDF.  You can easily edit your File Format. We offer the best PDF Editor that makes your work easy, and you don't need more time to edit any of your PDF files. It is a very effective PDF editor, text to PDF that gives you all the best results. It is a user-friendly PDF editing app that can easily edit all of your PDF files. Now you don't need to install any of the expensive apps or software for editing the pdf files. Suppose you want the best results for your files. So, try this PDF Editor, text to PDF, and do your work within a short time. 

MJ PDF Editor Text To PDF

If you want to enjoy the amazing editing feature and make your project attractive. So, try the amazing features of this app such as Merging PDF files, splitting the PDF files, and removing the duplicate pages from the PDF. It is also used to make txt files into PDF.

You can make the changes according to your requirement and get the desired results. 

All the features are the latest ones. As a result, you don't have to bother about anything because we offer you a free pdf editor app for android. Simply you have to upload the file, edit it according to your requirement and then save it or download it for later use. It is one of the fastest and most secure methods to edit pdf files.

Latest App Functions

Below we show the functions of the MJ PDF Editor Text to PDF.
PDF Editor Text To PDF

 ● Edit PDF File

 ● Txt to PDF 

 ● Merge PDF Files

 ● Split PDF Files

 ● Remove Duplicate Pages

 ● Protect PDF Files

 ● Rotate PDF Files

 ● Add Watermark

Edit PDF File 

In this Pdf Editor App, Users can Edit PDF Files as they want. Nowadays everyone needs a one-stop solution for editing pdf files. They install different pdf editor apps so that they can edit the files easily. But mostly they face issues and are unable to complete the task. You can now edit your PDF files by installing MJ PDF Editor and editing text to PDF. 

What is the use of this pdf editor?

 ● To edit a file, select it. 

 ● If you would like to change it, click on the edit tab. To continue using the file even without changing the previous one, click on the save button after making changes to the file.

 ● It's an amazing feature. Changed pdf files can also be password-protected so that no one can read them without your permission.

Txt to PDF 

Convert your txt documents into pdf files within a few clicks. 

1. Choose the txt file. 

2. Click on convert to pdf file

3. Your file will automatically start processing.

4. When the TXT to PDF conversion is finished, you can view the pdf file, and also you can access your PDF file from your device.

Merge multiple PDF files

Suppose you want to merge PDF files without losing the basic format. So, it will be best for you to use this app merge pdf file feature. If you are a student, you have experience using different merging PDF apps that only merge PDF files, and you can get the wrong text format. But this will not happen with this PDF Editor text to PDF.

How to Merge a pdf file with this PDF editor text to a pdf APP?

  • In the first step, you have to select the PDF files from your documents. 
  • Then you have to choose the other file that you want to merge. 
  • If you want you can also change the positions of the files.
  • Click on the Merge Button, rename your file and save it for further use.

Split PDF pages 

Easily split large PDF into manageable files by using MJ PDF editor Text to PDF. So, you must try these split PDF page features in MJ PDF editor at least once to know the outcome.

MJ PDF Editor Text to PDF app doesn't modify your original file in any way after splitting the pdf file. You can split the file into different numbers of pages. You can see the numbers of the splitting pages on the top of the editor. 

Remove duplicate pages

It is very time-consuming to find duplicate pages and then remove them. But this MJ PDF  editor makes your work easy by providing another great feature. 

You have to go remove the duplicate pages option and then select the file. After selecting the file you can see an option to remove duplicate pages. If any duplicate file can be found it will be deleted after selecting this feature. Meanwhile, if there is no duplicate file found. You can get the notification of no duplicate files found. 

Rotate pages

Give your file an attractive look by using this rotate pages feature. You can rotate the page at every angle that you want. This PDF editor app download makes much of your work easy and convenient.

Add watermark

If there is no watermark in your file and you want to add it. You can select the add watermark option and make your file unique. 

How to add watermark into PDF File Easily?

Share PDF files

On the left-side menu of the pdf editor app, you can see the sharing file option. You don't have to go into your mobile storage. You just have to select the file and share it. 

Who can download this app?

It is a very convenient app that can be downloaded by everyone. But it is helpful for students and teachers that want to edit their pdf files.

You can easily Install this MJ Free PDF editor Text to PDF from the play store  And even use it when you are offline. This app makes much of your work faster than the other PDF editing apps. All the steps to download the app are quicker and more convenient.

We are giving this opportunity because we know many people search for an app that helps to edit files easily. But they can not get the results that they want.

Is it Free or Paid?

Yes, it is a totally free editor. You don't have to pay for using it. 

Can we edit PDF files with images?

When you can edit the file. The images can not be loaded. The only work can be done with your text. So, you can edit your text files without getting changes to your images. 


It is a very beneficial Free PDF Editor app for those people who want to quickly edit their pdf file by using split, merge and add watermark features. Our pdf editor also has functions like removing the duplicate file and saving it for later use. The free PDF editor is now the most widely used and provides trustworthy features. 

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