2D animation

Add a fresh touch to your business with 2D animations!

Make your audience gasp with fascination- we add fun to your business with top-quality 2D animation.

Technological advancement has people hungry for quality content. Brands that succeed in engaging their audience get the most profit. 

Fantastic animations that tell a story 

App Dev Zone has a team of animators who are passionate about their art and want to convey a story through their work. Our company creates only the best animations. We want to make appealing animations and visuals that people won’t forget for a long time.

Your business will shine through the competition with our wow-factor animations. We use only the latest technologies to create animations with awe-inspiring characters. We revolutionize your brand with top-quality 2D designs that fit perfectly with your niche. 

What will 2D animation design do for your business?

Take your marketing game to the next level! If you are noticing a lack of engagement and disconnection from your clients, it is high time you use new marketing strategies. We use tried and tested animation techniques that are guaranteed to bring results. 

Engagement: We will make your 2D video go viral. People will share, like, and talk about your content more with our outstanding 2D videos. Video formats are more popular with increased digitalization. 

Marketing: Videos are six times more effective in advertising your brand than any other content. Rather than spending fortunes on other methods, use our videos to increase brand visibility to a maximum. 

Maximum reach: Get an edge over your competition with more people seeing your video. New customers are attracted this way and revenue generation will increase. 

Take a look at all the possibilities!

We have 2d animation designs for all kinds of brand advertising. Every animation needs a different approach and our animators have got it all to provide you with the perfect product. 

  • Frame by frame
  • Shape animation 
  • 2d animation character design
  • Infographics
  • Shape animation 
  • Cut out technique
  • Whiteboard 

A peek behind the scenes

We approach the animation creation process step by step, in a very organized manner. This allows for effective graphics that stand out in the crowd. Let us share the process with you so that you can rest assured that we do everything meticulously. 

  1. Storyboard and drafting

Our animators discuss the concept, story, and ideas that the client wants to be implemented. Based on that, a team of animators starts drafting the animations. The sketches are shown to you so that the characters are satisfactory. 

  1. Animatic and art creation

Our team customizes the animation according to client needs. We use different software to achieve different results for our animations. Blender 2d animation and unity 2d animation are popular choices for our animators. 

  1. Voice over

If there is a need, voice-over artists are used to enhance the animation. We upgrade your brand with only top-quality voiceovers and animations. This process adds a voice to your brand.

  1. Keyframes

Animation effects are improved when we use keyframes. These smoothen the animation and make it more effective for your audience. 

  1. Color matching

Photoshop and other professional animation studios are used to create the best images and aesthetics for your brand. Then, all this is edited so that no distortions or flashes lower the animation quality.

  1. Final review 

Everything is checked thoroughly to ensure satisfactory results. We safe the animation in the format that you need. From JPEG to PNG and PDF, we give you all the formats for maximum convenience.

Hire App Dev Zone for your next animation project!

If you are looking for quality 2d animation design in California or anywhere else on the globe, our well-reputed company is the perfect option. We have taken up projects from various countries and they are always successful. 

Skilled team

Our team provides professional 2D animation services in Australia and ensures that you get what you want. App Dev’s animators know how to work together and have years of experience with all kinds of projects. Quality is a guarantee when it comes to our work. 

100% client satisfaction

All of our clients are satisfied with the results because we communicate with you every step of the way. We don't leave the job unless you are completely satisfied. Our team is dedicated to quality. 


Our 2D animations are designed to fit your budget. We want to make advertising and marketing easy for your business. 2D animation can be very expensive but choosing us will eliminate this problem. It is the best way to communicate with your clients in a very affordable package. 

Communicate with your audience effectively

Deliver your message to the world without worrying about misrepresentation. We listen to you and create fascinating animation designs. Your audience will thank you for creating such captivating content. 

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