email marketing

Email marketing that truly works

The majority of the world today uses email, so it is a crime not to use this valuable resource for marketing. When experts from the best email marketing service take on the job, they deliver outstanding returns. 

The trick here is to use the right language and entice your audience into using your services. Keeping this in mind, up to 20% of the revenue generation comes from this with the help of experts. Strengthening every aspect of your marketing is necessary to see the best results. 

The process behind our email marketing campaign 

We connect your business with your audience by simply being authentic and engaging. The one thing that separates us from others is our constant innovation. We adopt the most trending email marketing techniques and always look for new ways to do better. 

Our email marketing agency goes about it systematically. We focus on the plan and put a lot of time into it so that the execution is flawless. 


The first step before deciding on a strategy is to learn more about the business and the market. Our experts take a look at your current email structure and decide on possible improvements and incentives. This phase is for learning and understanding your business better. 


The emails you send should not be one-size-fits-all. Optimizing them according to your audience is necessary for targeted advertising. Our team carried out split testing so that only the best final strategy is followed. Our email marketing packages include fully optimized marketing.


Automated sequences 

The goal here is to capture the attention of potential customers and make them purchase the brand’s products. When people visit online sites, they often leave without a single purchase. So we make automated abandon cart sequences. This means that an email is sent to the user so that they can visit your site. With this, they won't forget about your brand anytime soon. 

Meanwhile, if the person does buy something, a welcome email is sent so that they become loyal customers. Such sequences are constructed for maximum results. 


Our email marketing services in Australia and globally include a lot of planning. We plan out the campaign more than a month ahead. Planning gives email marketing a smooth flow. Here our experts make a plan that includes subscriptions, coupons and the latest trending messages. We also decide on platforms such as Facebook messenger and Gmail here. 

Outbound campaigns: 

We combine both inbound and outbound campaigns to reach the maximum audience. The strategy that our team uses, tailors to every campaign. Teamwork is what creates outstanding results. 


To reap the full benefits of email marketing, our team uses analytics to measure the performance of a strategy. Additionally, we get all the customer information with our latest technology which helps with growth. 

We don’t have a static approach; our methods are always subject to revision. App Dev is an email marketing services company that collects data and makes proper use of it. You will see your numbers increasing day by day, that is our promise. 

Check out all the benefits!

  • Maximum ROI 
  • Targeted messaging 
  • Info-rich messaging 
  • Effective analytics 


Why choose App Dev Zone?

App dev zones email marketing focuses on the best strategies that give sustainable results. Our team of experts has an experience of decades, providing email marketing in California and globally. We make a difference with our dynamic approach. 

  • A/B Campaign testing 
  • Customized list segmentation 
  • In-depth reports and analytics 
  • Integrated services

You won’t find an agency that is more professional, driven and affordable with its services. Our email campaigns have shown immense progress over the years. We provide the excellence you deserve.