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Get ahead of the curve with innovative SMS marketing from App Dev Zone professionals

Businesses use elaborate marketing strategies but often overlook seemingly simple, yet vital techniques. SMS marketing is one such example. All our clients see exponential growth after focused SMS marketing with high ROI.

We make a difference

Our experts don’t use outdated SMS techniques. We are up-to-date with all the messaging platforms. The targeted messaging enables brands to stand out from the competition. We incorporate a lot of elements to make your message stand out. These include:

  • GIFs and engaging images
  • Message subscriptions 
  • Coupons and deals on text

It is not just as simple as sending a message. The expert copywriters in our team know how to maintain your customers' attention. We use the rights words for the right impact. 

What is SMS marketing?

SMS or short message services promote brands and build customer loyalty. Text messaging can quickly update the customer base about the latest updates and discounts. Since mobile phones are the bane of existence in everyone’s life, text marketing is the way to go.

Text marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies because:

  • Affordable 
  • Quick: instant reach
  • Direct contact with the customer 
  • Strengthens the relationship with the customers
  • Builds customer loyalty and leads

What do you get from our SMS campaign?

SMS marketing is the best way to grab people's attention in today's fast-paced world. Our team has extensive experience with bulk SMS marketing in California and the world. We customize the package for you and ensure you get all the advantages of this technique.

The benefits of a good SMS marketing strategy are undeniable and it is guaranteed to show results.

High engagement

One notification and your message is delivered to hundreds of clients. Everyone has a phone in hand and the numbers will only increase.

Who has time to go through lengthy ads and leaflets? Because of decreasing attention span, engagement is at an all-time high with texts. With a 19% click-through rate and 45% conversion rate, there is no better way to expand your business.

Instant communication:

Time-sensitive messages can be sent in minutes! There is no faster way to notify customers than this. With our SMS marketing automation, your messages won’t be ignored like they are in email marketing. 

Requires opt-in:

Long term brand building comes from improving a brand's reputation with its customers. When more people opt for messaging benefits and coupons, there is more loyalty. Unlike the other marketing ads, your clients will look forward to the updates and subscribe to different deals.

2-way communication:

One of the unique advantages of SMS marketing is that the recipients of messages can also respond to your messages. This shows the customers that their opinion is valued. The benefit goes both ways with appointment reminders, feedback and booking confirmations. Messages can provide that and reduce losses. 

Customized messaging:

What makes someone more likely to interact with your promotional material? Personalization! Using a customer’s name and behaviours to construct the perfect message allows for better results. This strategy makes the customer feel valued and a better connection is created this way. 

Budget-friendly and easy:

We have all kinds of SMS marketing like Shopify SMS marketing. This technique is the easiest because it allows flexibility and needs no complicated programming. 

If you want affordable SMS marketing in San Diego or anywhere else in the world, App Dev Zone should be your first option. 

Tracking and monitoring:

You will get reports on the performance of different SMS techniques and the best media channels and campaigns. Monitoring the response to messages allows targeted messaging that strike a chord with your audience. 

There is no better way to grow than to hire the world’s most powerful SMS marketing agency.