MJ CamScanner Pro - PDF Scanner Pro

Get all the scanning features in a single CamScanner pro app. Download this Cam Scanner to scan your documents, images, and cards.

CamScanner Pro & PDF Scanner

Scanning photos, documents, and business & ID cards are available with MJ CamScanner Pro. You don't have to buy expensive scanners to scan your photos and documents. You can scan the documents within a few seconds and save time. One of the most well-known mobile scanner apps for Android devices is MJ CamScanner pro.  It scans documents using the camera on your mobile device, or you can also select it from your gallery. You can also make changes to your photo, such as crop, increase and reduce the brightness. Apply color, and make the image sharp black and OCV black.

MJ CamScanner And Camera Scanner

It is a long-recognized app with the best scanning quality. The CamScanner app is very beneficial for those who want to scan their documents and text on a daily basis. This MJ CamScanner pro free download makes much of your work easier. You can also create a different folder to organize your data and save them without misplacing it.

Additionally, the photo can also rotate by selecting the rotate doc option. People enjoy technological advancement nowadays. That's why we are introducing the latest Cam Scanner app with up-to-date features. Cam Scanner And PDF Scanner also help to save your document as a pdf. Sometimes, you also want to send your file to your friends through the mail. You can also do this with the help of the MJ Cam Scanner pro sharing option.

App Function

There is a list of all the latest features that MJ Cam Scanner pro & Camera Scanner gives to its users.

Mobile Scanner, Record, and Share at Any Time and Place

The goal of the MJ CamScanner Pro & PDF Scanner is to improve the user experience. You can use the app whenever you want for your daily uses anytime because it also works offline. You receive prompt results without any delay. To get better results you can make changes to your image capture it and select it from your gallery.

Business Card scanner and PDF Maker

To scan the business card, you have to place the camera over the card so that the card's edges are visible. The business card is already located, focused, and taken by the camera. There are two options for scanning the business card.

  • Single-side id card
  • Two side id card

MJ CamScanner Pro -  Business Card Scanner - ID Card Scanner

Meanwhile, whenever you are going to scan the card all the information is safe. No one has access to read your card information. You can crop the document's border to get better and more attractive results. Meanwhile, after taking a picture of the card, you will make the changes in its colors, rotate it or save it as a pdf file.

ID Card Scanner and PDF Maker

The image scanner Or Camera Scanner feature allows you to scan the information on your ID card. All the information on your ID card can be read and scanned. The ability to scan an ID card with this MJ Cam Scanner Pro is the same as scanning business cards. In both features, you can scan your card from one side or two sides.

Doc Scanner and PDF Maker

Scanning any document with this Camscanner app is easy. In Doc Scanner & PDF Maker feature, you have to hold your device in a different form. It’s up to you, but while scanning you have to scan the document. Additionally, you must match the camera's blue line to your document to scan each line.

Personal Tag

There are a lot of files in your storage. It will be time-consuming to find out the important ones. When you want to keep a record of your data, you can keep them in a personal tag after scanning it.

QR Code Generator

To generate the QR Code, enter the type of QR Code. Our Camscanner gives different options to generate the QR code. Some of the options to generate the QR code are given below.

  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Url key

MJ Cam Scanner PRO - QR Code Reader - QR Code Generator

After selecting the type of the QR code, click on generate. Your text will change into a QR code. To make more QR codes, refresh it and start your new one.

QR Code Reader

The QR Code reader is used to read the images, software, hardware, and some other kinds of data encoded in a barcode. To use this feature, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Select the option of QR reader from MJ Cam Scanner pro App
  • After selecting the option, adjust the image in the border to read the data.

OCR Scanner: Convert Image into Text

Optical character recognition (OCR) is the latest technology. Used to convert digital image text into a text format.

When you need to get the text for a digitalized image, you can use the Mj Cam Scanner as an OCR  scanner anytime, anywhere. It facilitates the process of reading text from images with too much text. Because it converts the image text into text format and allows you to save the text as a pdf file for later use.

MJ CamScanner Pro And MJ OCR Scanner

Send scanned docs anywhere.

With this Cam Scanner and pdf maker, you can send your documents to your friends or colleagues. There are two methods of sending the documents that we provide to our customers.

  • Share through social media.
  • Send to mail

Auto Edge Cropping

When you can scan your image, this auto edge crop feature. Which helps to crop the edges of the image and then convert it into a pdf file.

Because it does not remove or crop the edges of the images while scanning. This is one of the best and most specialist features of the MJ CamScanner Pro.

For example, if you are scanning the ID Card it crops the edges and gives you a better result.

Password protection

By setting the password on your important files you can save them from another person. So, no one can see or edit your file without your permission. 

Can I download CamScanner?

Yes, you can download the CamScanner. It is an all-in-one scanner app that scans your documents. It transforms your smartphone into a portable scanner that increases productivity.

Is CamScanner harmful?

No, it is not a harmful app. All the data is secure in this app. We do not collect private data, such as your name, email address, or date of birth. Because this application does not need registration or logging in.

MJ CamScanner Pro is paid or free?

This app is free. Everyone can download this app from the google play store and use it on their android devices.

Does CamScanner Steal data?

Protecting your privacy is our top priority. MJ CamScanner Pro just needs storage permission so that you can allow the app to add documents and use the app's features. Like cropping, editing images, and creating PDFs of your documents.

Daily life example

The majority of people use this Cam Scanner to secure their important information. For example, if you want to secure your id card information, you have to take a picture and scan it for later use.

Where can you use the app?

You can use it at any time in your offices, schools or colleges scan your documents and change them into pdf

Who can use this app?

It is a recommended app for all students and working people to scan and save their data for further use.

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